During all its editions, the Master has been characterized by participants with different educational backgrounds and working experiences able to enrich the program with their own observations, suggestions and knowledge.
The students' profiles have strengthen the international and multi-disciplinary nature of the Master.



XXI edition 2023

Students' final projects of the Master's twenty-first edition:

Mara Carando
Reappropriation of spaces and placemaking: enforcing a community by occupying a physical public space with a spot for cultural activities. The case of Via Montanaro in Barriera di Milano, Torino

Eleonora D’Alessandro
Community engagement strategies in museums. The case study of “Africa: The Forgotten Collections” exhibition at Musei Reali, Turin

Cansu Dayi
Traditional Turkish Ebru Art adapting to New Age

Jorge Maximiliano Inostroza Codoceo
Promoting participation of rural communities of Dalcahue in cultural initiatives through popular architecture

Marta Izquierdo Méndez
Project proposal for the implementation of H.A.U.S Music Festival

Khalil Nagham
Strengthening the Cultural Identity of the Bedouin Community in the Bekaa valley of Lebanon through Photovoice Methodology

Aicha Knidiri
Heritage bridge: promoting cultures,empowering immigrant integration

Lilia Kuznetsova
Kirzhach. Improving cultural and economic values through territory branding

Rossella Lombardo
Sustainable and slow cultural tourism in peripheral areas of Piedmont Region: an assessment toolkit to measure impacts and benefits

Anas Mghar
The cultural and artistic transformations with H-point in Piedmonte: Cultural Diversity as a source of inspiration - focus on non E.U. communities

Giorgio Minutti
The case of “La Meridiana nel Bosco” a project to revitalize a mountain area with an important historical heritage

Naoures Rouissi
New brand for Cavallerizza Reale

Natalia Sivkova
Raising awareness about cultural capital of Iliinskaya Sloboda Sergiev Posad, Russia

Nataliia Vatshurova
Preservation and popularization of the Udmurt language through songs and Folklore among youth and children

Razan Zoubi Zeidani
Architectural Rehabilitation of Resistance: The Resurrection of Endangered typical Palestinian mansion towards a Decolonizing Architecture and Art Residency Space. Nazareth Historic center “Al-Souk”, Palestine

XX edition 2022

Students' final projects of the Master's twentieth edition:

Hebatollah Alhamid
Exploiting Technology to Revive Wooden Mosaic Traditional Craft in Old Damascus (Medhat Basha Bazar District)

Bates Assilbekova
CULTURAL REFUGE: Increasing Access to Culture in Displacement

Eunice Milanea Baez Sanchez
Diquís Delta: Convergence of Culture and Nature for Sustainable Development

Elizabeth Baggett
Preserving the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mali and Unlocking its Potential to Contribute to Sustainable Development

Erik Bruns
The ‘Villa Rees’ - Salvation and restoration; towards the establishment of an interconnected cultural institution in a 1920s historic villa on the island of Rhodes

Beatrice Coda Negozio
The Liberty, a Paradigm of an avant-guarde of Turin: The Strenght of a Vision

Tiziano De Angelis
The Aqueducts' Flow - Improving the Territorial Liveability Through Cooperation and People-centred Cultural Planning

Sascha Goulet
The Garden as a Vehicle for Development: a Project for Villa Della Regina

Valentina Marocco
WOW Generation. A Project of Interaction and Audience Engagement Between Young Generations and Photography

Njeri Mbure
African World Heritage Youth Network

Serena Meloni
Mine Heritage

Ilaria Nieddu
Improving Social Cohesion Through Multicultural Dialogue in Grand Centre-Ville, Saint-Denis

Roberta Rietto
Challenges and opportunities for the integrated management and promotion of outdoor activities at Savoy Royal Residences

Natalie Rodriguez Declet
Urban Regeneration of the Historic City Center of Vega Baja, PR

Kolawole Talabi
Valorising the Culinary Heritage of the Savoy Royal Residences for Diplomatic and Corporate Events - A Case Study on the Potential Candidacy of Reggia di Venaria and its Adjoining Properties as the Venues for the 2024 Group of Seven Summit

XIX edition 2021

Students' final projects of the Master's nineteenth edition:

Gilliana Lysa Anacoura
Promotion of sustainable Cultural tourism/ artefacts museum/ on-site cultural & heritage crafts demonstrations

Elisa Galvagno
A "travelling pocket theatre" light in structure and power-independent that can reach remote areas, or generally areas not supplied by cultural places

Dalila Tonei
Festival either in Rome promoting roman identity through roman dialect or Marsala (Sicily) to promote the city through its culture

Doriane Igrène de Maupeou d'Ableiges de Monbail
Alpine Cultural Road / Pathway to show the similarities and the differences of Alpine customs though towns, villages and valleys who represent one or several peculiar aspects (handicraft / danse / music / dialect / celebrations / know-hows) of this unique culture

Riccardo Menis
A project for the protection and enhancement of an archaeological site of Assyrian rock-carved reliefs that our research team discovered in 2019 near the rural village of Faida (Kurdistan Region, northern Iraq)

Chen Yang
Social enterprise offering education of cultural heritage to the general public, especially in developing countries

Xiaoyu Chang
Import cultural elements into tourism and natural heritage sites

Bettina Kittel
Stimulating creative industries in rural areas of Tajikistan and linking it with local and international markets

Maria Abdulhamid
Archive Heritage, War sites, Data collecting, artefacts + audiovisual heritage, New technologies, VR, gaming

Angela Federica De Felice
The loss of intangible heritage due to the depopulation of small Italian villages. Transforming Italian small villages by creating cultural centers for nomadic communities which interacts with the already existing one, thus creating new intangible heritage. Is it possible to re-think to a new community starting from the existing one? Is it possible to create new intagible heritage?

Salomé Juliette Simone Marie Ben Bounan
Museums, heritage, exhibitions or festivals mostly for young people and children, education programme to give everyone an art history background and give people interest in those fields

Christian Biggi
Two major sites near Rome, where I live. Around the two major sites of Ostia Antica and the Trajan Port, are 15 other ‘minor’ sites. devise a sustainability plan of minor sites, local community awareness raising and tourists. delocalize visitors. Linkage to natural sites

Mohammad Al-Rajeh
A project to renovate and operate the hijaz railway station in Medinah, Saudi Arabia which is part of the ottoman railway that was running between Damascus, Syria and Medinah, Saudi Arabia

Boyson Ngondo

Emily Williams
Harnessing heritage & culture for economic growth in SEAsia & the Caribbean, focusing on heritage tourism, boutique hotels, and production of local souvenirs, experiences and products

Valentino Etowar
Le Morne Cultural Landscape. - Documentation - Tour visits- Propose of cultural programmes and culinary activities

XVIII edition 2020

Students' final projects of the Master's eighteenth edition:

Yoshino Abe
Community capability building to raise the awareness of heritage value in Bamako, Mali

Alma Sarahì Castro Mauries
Contributing to the Creation of Sustainable Public Private Partnerships through a Better Understanding of the Mazahua Indigenous Community’s Intangible Cultural Heritage from Central Mexico

Elisabetta Delmastro
The Museum of Fine Arts of Marseille between sustainable development and new emergencies

Kashif Essa
Smart Management plan for developing Museum District Lahore

Vanessa Fraga Prol
Peace on the move, developing new talents to attract a diversified audience

Sergio Gardenghi Suiama
The stepped stones of the wharf Improving cultural and economic values of the WH site of Valongo for the African-Brazilian community

Antonio Sante Giulietti
Strengthening connection to the historic castle and old town sites of Berat, Albania by creating a local artist collective

Montakarn Suvanatap Kittipaisalsilp
Improving social & economic stability through community-run lifeway education on rotational farming

Diogo Maroja Ribeiro
Promoting capacity-building for cultural projects in the Saharawi camps in Tindouf Region (Algeria)

Tomofumi Nishida
Revitalization of the tourism in Tomioka Silk Mill

Danilo Petrovic
Mucam Wine Open Lab

Reme Sakr
The Damascene Rose, Community Development Project

Aminata Salifou Mody
The old Gamkall Village (Niamey- Niger) is not adequately protected

Zhi Ye
Increasing the Attractiveness and Vitalityof Genoa as a Cultural Tourism Destination through Enhanced Heritage Interpretation

Chen Zhuo
Cultural Brand Building of Site Lingyan in Changqing Region under a Contemporary Chinese Context

XVII edition 2019

Students' final projects of the Master's seventeenth edition:

Diogo Maroja Ribeiro
Promoting capacity-building for cultural projects in the Saharawi camps

Alma Sarahi Castro Mauries
Contributing to the creation of sustainable public private partnerships through a better understanding of the Mazahua Indigenous Community’s Intangible Cultural Heritage from Central Mexico

Antonio Giulietti
Strengthening connection to the historic castle and town sites of Berat, Albania by creating a local artist collective

Reme Sakr
The Damascene Rose. Community Development project

Danilo Petrovich Jorquera
Mucam Wine Open Lab

Aminata Mody
The old Gamkallé Village (Niamey – Niger) is not adequately protected

Tomofumi Nishida
Revitalization of the tourism in Tomioka Silk Mill

Kashif Essa
Smart Management plan for developing Museum District Lahore

Sergio Gardenghi Suiama
The stepped stones of the wharf. Improving cultural and economic values of the WH site of Valongo for the African – Brazilian community

Montakarn Suvanatap Kittipaisalsilp
Improving social and economic stability through community-run lifeway education on rotational farming

Vanesa Fraga Prol
Peace on the movie. Developing new talents to attract a diversified audience

Yoshino Abe
Community capability building to raise the awareness of heritage value in Bamako, Mali

Elisabetta Delmastro
The Museum of Fine Arts of Marseille between sustainable development and new emergencies

Zhi Ye
Increasing the attractiveness and vitality of Genoa as a cultural tourism destination through enhanced heritage interpretation

Zhuo Chen
Cultural brand building of site Lingyan in Changqing Region under a Contemporary Chinese context.

XVI edition 2018

Students' final projects of the Master's sixteenth edition:

Kate Henson
“Let there be light” using digital museums as a tool to build social capital in Mosul

Aoife Gleeson
Facilitating the Integration of Unaccompanied Minor Migrants in Lucena through Cultural exchanges and activities

Valentina Bertolino
Towards cultural democracy: a model of political participation for national theatres. The case of Lola Arias production The Word Mother, ERT National Theatre, Italy

Carolina Triana Cuéllar
Building intercultural dialogue through the promotion of intangible heritage in Western Sydney

Gianluca D’Agostino
Mayrit and Madrid: a common image. An educational project to discover and recognize the Islamic Cultural Heritage as part of the city’s identity

Diana Fisgativa
Capacity building in the Coffee Cultural Landscape World Heritage site

Alejandra Alba
Integrated sustainable tourism approach for the Alto Ricaurte Province Colombia

Giorgia Ganesio
Safeguarding the Natural Heriage of the MaB Biosphere Reserve in Carignano, Piedmont

Meeza Ubaid
Strengthening the resilience of the Kalasha Community by protecting and promoting their Indigenous tangible and intangible cultural heritage

Annette Jones
Westbury cemetery. More than internment – an important heritage resource

Francesco Selvini
The soul of Woulo

Giulia Giacone
“La vendemmia a Torino” – Grapes in Town. Enhancing and disseminating the wine culture

Lu Yanting
Online intangible cultural heritage education programme in China – based on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Ottavia Barbo
Safeguarding the history and tradition of the Istrian community in Trieste

Alice Giani
Stupinigi: universal value – empty value

Yoonjin Chon
Native Hawaiians in tourism industry of Hawai’s. Towards Sustainable Tourism for the Benefit of the owners of the Islands

XV edition 2017

Students' final projects of the Master's fifteenth edition:

Hector Alegre
Riyadh Creative hub

Trina Das
Historical town Ambika Kalna and its heritage

Aurora Fapanni
New social and cultural challenges for museums. Pilot project for Musei Reali of Turin

Elena Ghibaudo
Algiers Kasbah endangered heritage. Community based approach for conserving and enhancing awareness of a heritage to be protected

Mohammad Khaleel
Urban regeneration through cultural development. The city of Jericho

Ahreum Kim
A project for building a cultural district for producing a traditional marionette “Yoke Thé” in Yangon

Karl Krähmer
Valorization without displacement. A project to improve the neighbourhood of Porta Palazzo in Turin. Italy for its inhabitants (and not only for tourists

Lim Kyungho
Development of ancient kingdom Baekje historical city

Camille Lancelot
Creation of a cultural district for the economic valorization of Sodabi in Zagnanado, Benin

Maria Antonietta Molle
Cultural district in Ventotene. The Ecomuseum and other strategies for cultural renewal and sustainable tourism

Inês Ribeiro Nogueiro
Sal inhabitants are properly benefiting economically from the tourism sector. Proposing a sustainable strategy to a diversified touristic offer of the island

Ivette Peña Rivas
Protection and valorization of Shanghai’s Lilong. Shikumen cultural heritage

Yara A.H. Ramadan
Solomon’s Pools Archaeological Site and the surrounding Cultural Landscape in Bethlehem, Palestine

Maria Valenzano
Potential UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme in the Khong District, Champasak Province, Laos

Marianne Vitung
The rehabilitation of Ivatan Vernacular houses in Batanes Province in the Philippines

XIV edition 2016

Students' final projects of the Master's fourteenth edition:

Ana Ceno
Tourism development in the village of “Selca e Vogel”

Berfu Nisan Turkmenoglu
A plan for sustainable cultural revitalization of Villa Cernigliaro, Sordevolo, Italy

Vittoria Brucoli
Cultural development of Valle d’Aosta castles. Pilot project for Fenis-Issogne-Verres

Charlotte Lambrinidis
Safeguarding the eastern Kuku Yalanji Culture in the wet tropics World Heritage area. Queensland, Australia

Estelle-Anne Spicq
Cultural initiatives for a more ethical city- a counter proposal to gentrification of Rotterdam Southern neighbourhoods.

Tiago Faccioli Lopes
Valorisation of local museums. Reopening the Museu do Café in Ribeirao Preto (Brazil)

Hemani Badyal
Revitalisation of the traditional arts and craft bazaar in the walled city of Udaipur, Rajasthan

Francesca Taormina
Religious heritage: the case of Wat Bo (Siem Reap – Cambodia). Proposing a sustainable strategy to preserve and valorize a significant Buddhist complex

Finola Jennings Clark
An integrated strategy to revitalise the traditional crafts industry in Choiseul Saint Lucia by Creation of a Cultural Tourism District

Aurora Grace Garrison
How to be a better creative city: improving the UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts Network

Jennifer Crakow
Syrian Refugees in Berlin: capturing intangible cultural heritage in digital form

Laura de Miguel Riera
World Heritage site “Aranjuez Cultural Landscape” (Spain): a proposal for a better use of the cultural and natural resources of the historic orchards

Elena Adonide
Lanes of Maddalena. A project for regeneration of Historic Centre

Nzila Marina Mubusisi
Mapping of cultural economics in Windhoek City, Namibia

Octavio Mena Macedo
Analysis of the Pueblos Mágicos Branding. Economic and cultural development possibilities for Mexican urban areas

Carolina Jiménez Arteaga
Valorising the archaeological heritage of Cabrera de Mar, Spain, through an ICT-based strategy

Samuel Harper-Booth
Place branding in Croydon: changing perceptions

Raquel Romano
Safeguarding the knowledge and cultural life of the Yaqui tribe in Tucson, Arizona United States

Raffaella Lanino
A proposal to preserve and promote weaving traditions of indigenous communities in Oaxaxa, Messico

Giuditta Soccali
Planning the intercultural city: cultural diversity as a lever for urban regeneration in peripheral areas of Turin, Italy. A case study for Barriera Milano and Regio Parco

Stephanie Herold
Traditional fire ceremonies in indigenous Maya communities around lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Developing a safeguarding campaing

Lilian Palmbach
Safeguarding agricultural and cultural landscapes

XIII edition 2015

Students' final projects of the Master's thirteenth edition:

Abita John
REVIVE – Qatar’s Heritage

Ana María López Ayala
Safeguarding heritage, enhancing culture… living creativity.

Beryl MN Ondiek
Creation of a cultural village for the Re-Valorisation of Coconut

Chiara Buzzacchi
Memories from wartime. A proposal for an integrated management plan for the promotion of WW2 tangible and intangible heritage in Milan

Chilangwa Chaiwa
Lundazi Historic Houses. Valorisation for sustainable community development

Damla Dilber Kiliçarslan
Valorizing the natural and cultural assets associated to the Lycian Way located in Southwestern part of Turkey. The case of Seydikemer District, a sustainable tourism approach

Elisa Luridiana
Olbia Experience

Elisa Prati
Everyday life in the historical cafès of Turin. Discover the city with other eyes

Francesca de Cesare
Sharing heritage and community engagement in Capitanata, Italy.
An integrated management plan to enhance the awareness of the value of communities cultural resources

Gaia Toschi
Transfer of public heritage assets to the third sector. A pilot project to improve heritage conservation and management in the medina of Tunis

Giavonna Cappabianca
Vitalization of public spaces: Youngtown, Ohio

Gloriana Turcios Dobles
Historic centre of San Jose. Integrating culture to economy: performing arts as leverage for urban regeneration

Gregory Wall
Culture and tourism in Kenilworth. Creating cultural activities and links between them to stimulate sustainable tourism development

José María Macías
Connecting Creativity: management of the UNESCO Creative Cities in Mexico

Juliana Strogan
Museet er ditt. A project for community participation in WH sites

Felicia Maisie Junardy
Culture and creativity. The hidden gem of asean

Maria Gulraize Khan
Using Cultural Heritage for co-creating culture of peace. Exploring the potential of the Katas Raj Temples for peace-building and promoting inter-faith harmony in Pakistan through tourism with peace education

Maria del Pilar Albareda
Building connections: incorporating artisans to tourism markets in the Chachapoyas-Kuelap route, Peru

Sarah Faruggia
Making use of the cultural and creative industries to support the Maltese Language

Shatha Safi
Preservation of cultural landscape in rural Palestine. Silwad as a pilot project

Tamarie Dobias
Connecting audience and community. The Museum of Contemporary Art_Toronto_ Canada. Sterling Revitalization Site. The Junction, Toronto.

Wonsuk Cho
Eco-Tourism Management plan for Bukhansan National Park with local communities.

XII edition 2014

Students' final projects of the Master's twelfth edition:

Alexis Salazar
Community based tourism in San Antonio village and valorisation of Chiquibul National Park and forest reserve

Alessandro Martinotti
[Archaeology and tourism] implementing an integrated strategy for enhancing the cultural heritage around the “Lines and geoglyphs of Nasca and Pampa de Jumana” World Heritage Site

Léanne Bonhomme
Implementing an Aboriginal cultural site on Victoria Island in Ontario, Canada. A plan of action

Rana Alshaikh
Cultural square in historic Jeddah’s district, Saudi Arabia

Diane Géhin
Creating an “edutaining” network for the archaeological site of Grand. Use of technology and networking to enhance a cultural offer

Elsa Urtizverea
Fostering creativity in the city of Lille: nomination to UNESCO Creative Cities Network

Ruta Waghmare
Gastronomical traditions and intangible heritage: a model for the East Indian community of Mumbai

Giovanni Fiore
Supporting the Canton of Geneva to become a more cultural town, using education for the local population and by proposing that the old town of Geneva be included in the World Heritage list

Kacey Hadick
Enhancing engagement with cultural producers. Using technology to facilitate community interaction with artists and artisans in Piemonte

Alice Barbara Bechtiger
Escapade. A magazine for culture

Carlotta Scioldo
Bridging creativity. The role of “workspace” in fostering cultural and creative development

Arpakwa M. Ole - Sikorei
Community Traditional Practices and cultural heritage for tourism management and living sustainability. Case study: Ngorongoro Conservation Area, UNESCO – World Heritage Site

Michelle Barraclough
Cultural tourism in Melbourne: enhancing engagement through ICT

Nina Azadeh Mahjoub
Regeneration and sustainable development plan of the Abandoned village of Kharanagh, Iran

Rehaf Gassas
Preservation of festive traditions in the Western province of Saudi Arabia

Mehwish Bandealy
Sustainable development: restoring the green map of Lahore

XI edition 2013

Students' final projects of the Master's eleventh edition:

Mahmoud R. Al Arab
Increasing awareness of cultural heritage importance among school students of Jordan by using Petra

Alejandra Muñoz Saguas
Capacity building in the communities of earthen architectural heritage in central Chile: conservation, recovering and seismic retrofitting

Sacha Garah K. Weygan
Community-managed eco-cultural tourism in Tulgao, Kalinga

Sebinane Lekoekoe
Sehlabathebe National Park (part of Maloti Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site) as engine for local economic development

Marcela Jaramillo Contreras
The conservation of Latin-America and Caribbean cultural heritage connected

Gerd Norrgard
Integrated cultural heritage management: valorising the archaeological and agricultural heritage of Canosa di Puglia, Italy

Giulia Cirlini
Museum Connect: a bridge between D.I.A. Detroit and GAM Turin

Trude Teigstad
Linking tourism and agriculture in Dønna

Marta Bullejos Peregrin
El Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo. Heritage as an active part of the cultural life of Granada

Zoraida Chong
Cultural tourism in Portobelo, use of the cultural heritage as a resource for small companies in the town of Portobelo

Christian Nekare
Management of Brandberg natural and cultural resources for empowering indigenous communities in Daures, Namibia, in a post mining crisis

Rachel Morgan Redshaw
The rise of the ambitious city: exploring the leading role of social innovation in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Marcel Rosalie
Reviving the use of bread fruits in Seychelles through cultural tourism

Tahmida Afroze
Reviving the tradition of handmade metal crafts in Dhamrai Village, developing a heritage tourism

Toni Wong
A development plan to enhance awareness of cultural tourists by cooperating with the local community for sustainable cultural tourism in Coloane village, Macao

X edition 2012

Students' final projects of the Master's tenth edition:

Maria Eliza Agabine
Rediscovering meaning of cultural landscape in locals’ lives: a strategy for sustainable community development in the batanes cultural landscape

Alexandra Gräff
European Union Award for private cultural support

Clara Braide
Kaalabar eco-resort and spa. A responsible tourism and cultural heritage initiative

Patricia Alonso
Cultural incubator. Fostering Entrepreneurship in the academic environment

Flor Maria Ramirez
Cultura da portar via

Yuchen Wang
Save the historic courtyards in Dongsi area, Beijing in the term of developing sustainable tourism

Claudia Munera - Roldan
A biocultural approach to co-design sustainability in Rio San Juan Biosphere reserve, Nicaragua

Chiara Borsini
Ancient Olive Trees. Traveling Lab-arena from biodiversity to cultural diversity

Francesca Giliberto
Creation of a HUrBan Centre in Ivrea. An instrument for active promotion and management of a shared urban heritage.

Raphael Shem Igombo
Accessibility to Fort Jesus World Heritage Site by person with disability

Illaria Bollati
Fruitful circulation: Arab Performing arts in Mediterranean sea

Raymond Aquino Macapagal
Community-based indigenous tourism in the UNESCO World Heritage Batad Rice Terrace Cultural Landscape

Rola Abu Zanona
The path to Bethlehem: economic and cultural rebirth of the region through the revitalization of the church of nativity and surrounding areas

Haji Mohamed Ali
Revival of traditional lime production and its uses for economic improvement in Lamu World Heritage Site

Karina Nasibyants
Sustainable development through preservation of the authentic urban fabric of the World Heritage site – The historic centre of Bukhara

Thaïs Druivendal
The Suriname Afrikang Festival. A sustainable cultural tourism product for Pokigron

Sergio Pereira Ibáñez
Eco-museum of the local landscape of the Ría de Vigo

Su Mei Tan
Tea and cultural entrepreneur SuDeChaBei (Nature’s Cup of Tea)

IX edition 2011

Students' final projects of the Master's nineth edition:

Shawn Berry
Towards a sustainable management plan for lake Funduduzi, South Africa

Phoebe Awiti
Thim Lich Ohinga Cultural landscape management plan

Partha Pratim Das
Comprehensive tourism management plan for Manas World Heritage Site

Pamela Batenga
Promotion of the handicraft industry in Uganda for improved livelihoods

Mbarak Abdulqadir Abdallah
Harnessing the economic potentials of fort Jesus World Heritage Site for job creation and poverty alleviation

Marvi Mazhar
Heritage walk: Sustainable Conservation Heritage Program for the Sacred Temples and Revitalize the Thar district. Sindh. Pakistan

Alessandra De Nicola
Amnesia, looking for identity. A festival of contemporary memory of Milan

Daphne Baroukh
“Mãos empreendedoras em ação” – Entrepreneurial hands in action

Daniel Urrea Peña
El Puente lab: from a charity collectivity to a creative industry association

Giovanni Ciarrocca
Santo Stefano di Sessanio, an example of “albergo diffuso” the international heritage tourism network of authentic historic villages

Clemencia Vernaza
Economic valuation of the rock art in the Tuparro National Park

Benedetta Lenzi
SUTURE – Venice traditional Artisanship meets contemporary design

Valorise Hoba meteorite into a tourist destination

Mariam Elias
Turning the baron palace into a site-specific museum and a cultural district

Doris Pangelinan
Linking cultural heritage and wine. Management plan for the sustainable development of the Nemean Wine Road in Greece

Gabriele D’amico
The Cultural Collectors Club and the Museums of Turin. A pilot project to enhance cultural republicanism

VIII edition 2010

Students' final projects of the Master's eighth edition:

Mbarak Abdulqadir Abdallah - Kenya
Harnessing the economic potentials of Fort Jesus WH site for job creation and poverty alleviation

Wilhelmina Asino - Namibia
Valorise Hoba Meteorite into a Tourist Destination

Phoebe Awiti - Kenya
Tim Lich Ohinga cultural landscape management plan

Daphne Baroukh - Brasil
Entrepreneurial hands in action. A cultural incubator in San Paolo

Pamela Batenga - Uganda
Promotion of the handicraft industry in Uganda

Shawn Berry - South Africa
Towards a sustainable management plan for lake Fundudzi

Giovanni Ciarrocca - Italy
S.Stefano di Sessanio: an international heritage network of authentic villages

Gabriele D'Amico - Italy
The Confederation of the Friends of the Museums of Turin. A pilot project to enhance cultural republicanism

Partha Das - India
Comprehensive Tourism management plan for Manas WH Site

Alessandra De Nicola - Italy
Contemporary memory festival. New media to transmit the knowledge

Mariam Elias - Egypt
The historical archive as a national heritage. Turning the Baron Palace into a site specific museum and a cultural district

Benedetta Lenzi - Italy
Venice traditional artisanship meets contemporary art

Marvi Mazhar - Pakistan
Tharparkar Jain Temples.Sustainable conservation heritage program

Francis Muchemwa - Zimbabwe
Maximizing benefits for the communities living around the Great Zimbabwe WH Site

Doris Pangelinan - USA
Adaptive rehabilitation of a historic China Alley building in Hanford, California

Daniel Urrea Pena - Colombia
el_puente lab: from a charity collectivity to a creative industry association

Clemencia del Pilar Vernaza Albisser - Colombia
Economic valuation of the rock art in the Tuparro National Park

VII Edition 2009

Students' final projects of the Master's seventh edition:

Monica Isaza Bordamalo - Colombia
Towards cultural tourism planning on Colombian world heritage sites

Weng Jun Cao - China
The conservation and revitalization of Tea Culture in Jingshan

Thiephaine Coulardeau - France
Heritage as a tool for identity-strengthening and peace-building

Anna Delmonte - Italy
Historic centre of Naples: a brand for the cultural system

Mirvat Haddad - Syria
Toumouhi–Toummoumouhak” Creative Capacity Building Solutions for professionals working in the Cultural Field in Syria

Yara Moualla - Syria
Living Damascus

Paola Mussini - Italy
Risk management for built cultural heritage. A task force for intervention on cultural heritage after disasters

Diana Ngweno - Kenya
Valorization of the Njuri Ncheke monument trough the creation of Ameru Cultural Centre

Jing Niu - China
Culture, religion and Tourism: Management plan of Zen Buddhism Culture Promotion in Shaolin Monastery

Vanessa Prevost - Dominica
Culture, religion and Tourism: Management plan of Zen Buddhism Culture Promotion in Shaolin Monastery

Shinta Putri - Indonesia
Fatahillah independent film centre action plan to emerge the film cluster

Asja Trbovic - Bosnia Herzegovina
E-Museum me! Integrated online network of Sarajevo museums

Juan Camilo Gaviria Betancourt - Colombia
Local involvement, participation and awareness strategies for the conservation of world heritage sites in conflict zones of Colombia

Carlo Veloza - Colombia
Tea fields in Sri Lanka

Nirvana Persaud - Mexico
Conservation and Management: A sustainable Heritage Preservation Management Framework Plan for Historic Georgetown. A potential Weold Heritage Site, Guyana

Elizabeth Ruth Watson - United Kingdom
Memory of minorities museum - China in Kunming

Siavash Laghai - Iran
Silk Road in Iran

Shaimaa Elsheshtawy - Egypt
The An-Nakhl fortress, a stage on the pilgrimage route to Mecca

Wandile Kasibe - South Africa
Robben Island

Raz Efron - Israel
The City of Ramla (Israel) - guidelines for the conservation and development of its cultural heritage as a lever for Urban renewal

Maurina Soodin - Mauritius
Aapravasi Ghat

Lou Yuanling - China
Dragon Boat Festival and the local development of Hunan Miluo,

RongRong Pan - China
Festival of Lisu ethnic in Nujiang

Meng Tingyan - China
The Conservation and development of the Yuhang Rolling Lantern: Performing Art in South China

Lipo Zhu - China

Cahyandaru Nahar - Indonesia
Learning centre concept as Borobudur World Heritage management Plan

VI Edition 2008

Students' final projects of the Master's sixth edition:

Previta Devi Bamma - Mauritius
Culture a means to earn a livelihood – Professionalisation of ‘Sega’ in Mauritius

Angelique Mckay - Bahamas
Junkanoo and rake in scrape cultural experience program

Jia Ling Tang - Brazil
CuCoo – Cultures Cooperating: online exchange

Answar Sunoallah - The Palestinian Authority
Artistic International Experience Of Palestinian Youth

Mohammad Reza Abbasi - Islamic Republic of Iran
Revitalization and transformation of the fort of Pocitelj

Ruixi Liu - China
How to protect the culture of Chinese traditional courtyards and Hutongs through the development of the city?

Lydia Timona - Kenya
Rabai Kaya community is in a position to use cultural and natural resources for sustainable income generation after the end of the project

Aida Vezic - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Change in the Management of the Cultural Institutions in Sarajevo

Marize Lima E Silva - Brazil
Biojewels and handicraft: contributing to create a cultural district in Amazon, Pará, Brazil

Jocelyn Fabello - Philippines
The Cuyonon contemporary music: music as a means to address cultural loss

Reiko Kubota - Japan
Capacity building for maximizing the benefit of World Heritage status to enhance the attractiveness of place as a tourism site for local community and visitors

Mukthar Yusuf - Nigeria
Attracting Cultural tourists and preserving Horse-Riding(durbar) festival at Zazzau Emirate for sustainable development

Lola Ulugova - Tajikistan
Preserving Tajik Dance Traditions

Nidia Barreto Lemus - Venezuela
Cultural Tourism Initiative for the Historic Center of Santa Ana de Coro

Debra-Kay Palmer - Jamaica
Preservation and sustainable development of cultural heritage of historic town – Port Royal, Jamaica

V Edition 2007

Students' final projects of the Master's fifth edition:

Wajahat Ali - Pakistan
Hunza tourist district on silk route

Elisa Boccacini - Italy
La formation en “Social and Community Theatre” – Interaction en Europe pour une légitimation de son intervention dans le marché du travail.

Maria Fernanda Castellanos - Guatemala
La Antigua Guatemala, a holistic approach for cultural management

Roberto Galanti - Italy
Training and cultural course: Festival of the Sahel

Jasmina Gavrankapetanovic - Bosnia
Revitalization and transformation of the fort of Pocitelj

Victor Hodibert - Ghana
GWOLLU Slave Defence Walls and Heritage assets for community development

Kadisha-Hanina Lakkis - Lebanon
The development of Handicraft Products Showroom in the City of Baalbeck

Anasua Mukherjee Das - India
Revival of ancient Dokra art of Bikna Village

Vusy Nkambule - Swaziland
Collective Trade Mark: a boost for the Enhancement of the SME (handicraft sector) Competitiveness in Swaziland

Yurina Ramanhisa - Indonesia
Bandung Fashion Festival

Alessio Re - Italy
Revival of the Venetian forts network in the Mediterranean area through cultural tourism

Sahara Dahir - Kenya
Revival of Somalian Art of curving and weaving for economic empowerment

Maeshower Man Sing - Nepal
Revitalization of traditional knowledge and skill for sustainable development: a case of Thimi

Marium Soomoro - Pakistan
The Conservation of the Makli Hill Tombs

IV Edition 2006

Students' final projects of the Master's fourth edition:

Sandra Aloia - Italy
Network of small and medium cultural associations in Turin

Hiroko Araki - Japan
Towards the goal of 10 million inbound tourists The case of Nagoya, Towards the goal of 10 million inbound tourists The case of Nagoya, as a sister city of Torino

Raffaella Bucci - Italy
Young dance festival in Turin

Sanaz Ebrahimnejad - Iran
Promotion of Masouleh Handicrafts

Jasminka Franic - Croatia
Art is Fun – Cultural Development through Educational Programme for Children

Josè Garcìa Calderon - Peru
Revitalization of Quinta Heeren

Francesca Giorgione - Italy
The re-use of the Portuense fort for the development of the 15th Municipio of Rome

Jenny Andrea Ibarra Carbaja - Mexico
Traditional mixe blouses

Martina Ivanus - Croatia
Conservation and presentation of cultural heritage within the Plitvice Lakes National Park

David Kalanzi - Uganda
Revitalization of Bark cloth making in Uganda

Sirje Miller - Estonia
Street Tallin

Il Park Seong - South Korea
Cultural Projects for Independent Film Industry Development in East Asian Region

Hongye Pei - China
Promotion of Ethnic Minority Language TV Programmes in China

Simona Sabena - Italy
Cultural Tourism in the Mediterranean Area

Mohammed Sarhan - Egypt
Generating Benefits from Local People and for them, Wadi El-Rayan Local Community Support Program

Nasreen Zargarkutz - Pakistan
Cultural Heritage - As a Tool for the Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women in the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Yan Zhang - China
Ethnic Eco-Museums Network Built within The Old Town of Lijiang---under "Lijiang Models" of Co-operation for the Development of Sustainable Cultural Tourism

III edition 2005

Students' final projects of the Master's third edition:

Cliffor Abreu Guimarães - Brazil
Culture as milestone of the Local Development

Nazira Ahmed - Bangladesh
Folk tales for children

Firas Al Doumini - Syria
Syrian Need for Cinema Utopia

Safiullah Baig - Pakistan
Altit Fort restoration, reconstructing History of Hunza

Aldo Buzio - Italy
Astesan collection of events: a collective trademark of cultural events in Asti

Helen Sophia Chua Balderama - Philippines
Utilizing the cultural resources of Angono, Rizal for Sustainable Economic Development

Najafi Elaheh - Iran
Revitalization 100000m2 of garden area in Shirazn

Fatma Erek - Cyprus
Unearthing the Heart of North Cyprus

Francesca Gherlone - Italy

Chilala Habeenzu - Zambia
Lusaka National Museum - Toward a new presentation

Indira Konelbayeva - Kazakh
Development of local Community of Returnees (Oralmans)

Phuong Lai Thi Kieu - Vietnam
Strengthening ethnic minorities Youth's participation as service personnel in Tourism sector

Eduardo Lichuge - Mozambique
Assist and develop the Association of TUFO music and dance in Ilha de Mocambique, Mozambique

Judith Mushi - Tanzania
Tanzania traditional dances

Gonzalo Ordonez Lozano - Bolivia
Promoting Contemporary arts in Bolivia

Montasir Rahman - Bangladesh
Community based conservation of Cultural Hertitage at Kantaji Temple

Oliver Rodriguez Quijano - Peru
Old district of Santa Ana: the artisan tradition as a means of economic and social development

Marcel Rosalie - Seycelles
Bel Air District Gateway to cultural Tourism

Emilia Salieva - Kyrgyzstan
Culture for Youth - Youth for Culture - Supporting contemporary art/culture initiatives

II edition 2004

Students' final projects of the Master's second edition:

Hector Abarca Torres - Perù
Private MSMes settle in Rimac district devoted to Creole Peruvian culture

Sabina Agamirova - Azerbaijan
Gobustan: museum and tourism development

Ismail Cemal - North Cyprus
Preserving traditional village life in North Cyprus

Ingrid Eugenia France Zuniga - Chile
Culture as an Economic and Social Development tool in Chile: Pilot implementation, Atacama third Region

Martha Mary Friel - Italy
Cultural itineraries in Oltenia

Sergej Gegaj - Macedonia
Protection of traditional folk instruments and songs

HicranTopcu Hicran - Turkey
Integrated management of cultural tourism and heritage conservation in Mardin

Phillip Samuel Kennedy - Saint Lucia
Masquerade folk theatre in St Lucia

Christopher Magomelo - Malawi
Marketing Malawi Arts and Crafts: Wood Carvings and Cane Products(WOCACAP Project)

Haq Muna - India
Creative Women Artisans of Banni Region, Gujarat, India

Dat Nguyen Quang - Vietnam
Vietnam's Living Tradition

Daut Nur Rafeeda - Malaysia
Tourism Development of the Bujang Valley Archaeological Site

Gran Padin - Pakistan
Creating Economic Opportunities for Local Cultural Artists by Promotion of Pastoon Cultural Tradition through Media

Amalia Ripea - Romania
Bucharest, the city as a holiday: a Cultural Project for Development

Laure Salloum - Lebanon
The Socio-Economic Development of the Historical Archaeological Area in the north of Lebanon. "Akroum"

Anna Shanshiashvili - Georgia
Development of Tourism in Gremi Area in order to increase the benefits of local community

António Langa Tiago - Mozambique
Write up Mozambican Music History to achieve a better music education and strained knowledge of Mozambican Music Making

Andrea Von Vacano Montenegro - Bolivia
Economic development through cultural tourism in Tiwanaku

Pinar Yildizhan - Turkey
1st Cultural Festival of Mardin

I edition 2003

Students' final projects of the Master's first edition:

Natai Al Sharkas - Syria
The development of the Archeological Sites in Syria: Ebla

Rael Artel - Estonia
Untitled Open Space

Anne Moira Bennet - America
The tribal weavers of Manipur and Meghalaya

Leoward Cabangbang - Philippine
Palawan Heritage Centre, Puerto Princesa City, Philippines

Thanasit Chantaree - Thailand
Design Development for Eathernware in the Northeast Thailand

Elena Chemulova - Uzbekistan
National Inventory and Revitalisation of Traditional Ceramics of Uzbekistan

Maria Maka Dvalishvili - Georgia
The Crafts development project for Georgia

Mike Yousuf Gedeon - Palestine
Promotion and Marketing Handicrafts, produced in the city of Bethlehem

Yasmin Moreno Jalil - Ecuador
Development of craft cultural districts: Sigchos as an example

Lina Edward Khamis - Jordan
Making a Life and a Living through Artistic and Cultural Productions

Jenny Kou - China
Cultural Tourism - Image enhancement for Macao

Prince F.M. Lamba - Zambia
Creation of a Youth Cultural Ensemble by Training the Trainers

Tran Tuyet Lan - Vietnam
Proposal for income generation through handicraft development for ethic minority women in Hau Thao Commune, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam

Vakhtang Licheli - Georgia
Atskuri Archaeological Park

Nozipho Mlotshwa - Botswana
Performing Arts Centre for Development

Ana María Núñez Manrique - Perù
Development of the cultural district of "Santa Rosa de Quives"

Ingrid Nommik - Estonia
A travelling fair

Ingrid Olortegui - Perù
Ingenio: diversified district oriented to cultural tourism in Nazca

Nguyen Vu Phuong - Vietnam
Revitalising of the "36 old streets" of Hanoi

Arif Tabassum - Pakistan
Promoting Cultural Heritage through community-based actions

Luis Villacorta Santamato - Perù
Improving revenue on tourism sector in Lima - Pilgrimage and religious tourism

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