Why this course

This one-year program fully shares the vision promoted by UNESCO that identifies heritage and creativity as the basis for thriving and innovative knowledge-based societies.

The Master is conceived from the awareness that cultural heritage, besides representing the legacy of the past, and its valorisation contribute effectively to social cohesion, economic development and job creation.Central to the program is the application of culture-related UNESCO Conventions (World Heritage, Intangible Heritage, Diversity of Cultural Expressions) and programmes (Creative Cities, Man and Biosphere, Global Geoparks, Memories of the World) in order to investigate the economic, social, institutional and legal challenges for their implementation at the local level.

Students will be able to develop economically sustainable projects designed around a broad spectrum of cultural activities in the domains of natural and cultural heritage, cultural and creative industries and tourism. The course stresses strategic and project management skills for the promotion of cultural resources, and much attention is given to cultural market analysis and the creation and management of cultural clusters.

The Master aims at training professional profiles such as cultural managers and entrepreneurs who, equipped with managerial and technical skills and competences, are promoters both of conservation and cultural, social and economic development within local systems.

Key fact

  • Mix of lectures, seminars, best practices analisys, workshops, and group exercises

  • Approach focused on real world

  • Strong international-level and multidisciplinary faculty

  • Program intended for a mix of: officials and/or professionals in the public and private sectors; UN agencies, foundations and NGOs; recent university graduates from developing and developed countries; professionals already involved in cultural projects or interested in designing and managing cultural development projects; people working or interested in World Heritage Sites and related research




  • COREP - Lungo Dora Siena 100 - Torino - Italia
  • Telefono : +39 011 670.86.15 - worldheritagemaster@corep.it
  • www.corep.it

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