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Deadline for requesting Scholarships (partial or total) : September 30th 2023 until 15:00 CET. 
Deadline for submitting the application to the Course : October 31st 2023 until 15:00 CET.

The application is NOT binding, but it is necessary to be admtted to the selection.

The Master Course has scholarships available to cover all or part of the tuition fees. Applicants requiring for scholarships are kindly requested to submit in advance their application.

ATTENTION: It is possibile to apply only with the on-line modality.


The Program will be held from January 2023 to December 2023, and is divided into three phases:   

  1. Assisted distance learning phase: January 8th - 29th 2024  
  2. On campus phase: 5th February 2024 – 22nd May 2024.  In this period, attendance is mandatory and implies full time engagement from Monday to Thursday (9.00-16.00 CET). On Friday, seminars, practical exercises, and exams are planned (9.00-13.00 CET).
  3. Distance individual study and project preparation: May 23rd 2024 - December 2024.




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