Tuition fee & scholarship

The tuition fee is of 5.000,00 Euro.

The Master Course has a number of scholarships available that can cover all or part of the tuition fees.

Tuition fee

The payment of the tuition fee will be splitted in four installments, each of 1.250 euro, as follows:   

  • 1st instalment upon the university enrollment plus the service fees (around 20 euro)
  • 2nd instalment by 31/01/2024
  • 3rd instalment by 02/04/2024
  • 4th instalment by 31/05/2024
The programme offers a series of study visits in Turin to museums, institutions and organizations that collaborate with the Master.
The visit programme includes a study trip to national and international heritage organizations or UNESCO designations.
Destinations of previous study trips were Paris (UNESCO Headquarters), Rome (Italian Ministry of Culture), Historic Center of Florence, and International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL - Sanremo).
The cost of this study trip is borne by the participants. Depending on the availability of funds, the full or partial cost may be covered by the Master program.
For those who are unable to attend for financial reasons, the corresponding alternative teaching hours will be covered by study materials and individual exercises.


Some scholarships for covering the inscription fee or part of it are available.


Criteria for awarding scholarships include:
- professional profile
- capacity to implement the acquired knowledge
- relevance of the participant for the course
- diversity of background and professional position
- geographic and gender balance.


Full scholarships cover the total of the tuition fee of the Master's program, except the service fees (about 20 euros, upon enrollment). In some cases, it is possible that full scholarship winners will be requested to pay a fee of no more than 750 euros.
Preference will be given to applicants for full scholarship coming from countries of Global South (Africa, South America, Asia, Western Balkans, Middle East).


Partial scholarships cover two of the four installments (2.500 euros) of the tuition fee and preference will be given to deserving candidates whose attendance at the course is assessed as relevant by the Scientific Committee.

Applicants interested in receiving financial assistance should clearly specify their request in the application form (look at Application and deadlines)


Students should cover accommodation and travel costs by their own.

Accommodation informations are available visiting the following portals:

- My Sweet Home

- Study in Torino

- Turismo Torino

- Cerco Alloggio

- Turin House

- Abitare Sociale

- San Salvario House

- Casa Oasi

 For more informations Click here.



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