Exams and certifications

Upon successful completion of aforementioned requirements, the participants will be awarded a first level Specializing Master's Diploma in "Cultural Property Protection in Crisis Response" from the University of Turin (see the scheme of the Italian Education System).

Each of the 7 learning modules has a relative exam.

Credits will be obtained if all exams certifying acquired competences are passed. Marks will be given on a scale of 30 (miminum to be sufficient 18/30).

In order to be admitted to the final presentation of the project work/paper, students must attend at least 2/3 of the lecture hours, and to pass all related examinations.

To complete the Program, participants will be required to submit a final project work or paper which will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.

The final assessment, which leads to the First level Master Diploma (Master Universitario di I livello) released by Università degli Studi di Torino, will be evaluated on a 110 scale.

To obtain the First level Master Diploma (Master Universitario di I livello), the Italian students must comply with the Italian requirements stated by the law on education T.U. of 1933 art. 142 (simultaneous enrolment in other universities courses, doctorates, etc...is not admitted).

First level continuing education degrees do not give admission to PhD or Specialization Schools.


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