UniversitÓ degli Studi di Torino                                                                                                                                                                                                  COREP TORINO

Tuition fee/Period/Venue


Agreements for offering some scholarship are on the way.  Information about them will be given on this page as soon as they will be confirmed. 

The tuition fee is of 8.000,00 Euro.  

A limited number of scholarships will be offered. Criteria for awarding scholarships include professional profile, capacity to implement the acquired knowledge and relevance of the participant for the course. Preference will be given to applicants for scholarships from low income countries.

The payment of the tuition fee will be splitted in four installments of 2.000 Euro each, as follows:

Students should cover accommodation and travel costs.

A maximum number of 40 participants is foreseen in Torino.

The Master Course will be activated on condition that there are at least 15 participants.



The course will be held from November 2017 to June 2018 and will start on November 7th.

The distance learning phase will be held from will be held from November 6th, 2017 to February 4th, 2018 .

The course attendance on campus is mandatory and implies full time engagement from Monday to Thursday (9.30-16.30 CET) in the period February 5th, 2018-June 1st, 2018. On Friday, VIP lectures, practical exercises, exams are planned.


Lectures during the on campus phases  in Torino will be held at Comando per la formazione e Scuola di Applicazione dell'Esercito Italiano, Palazzo dell'Arsenale, Via Arsenale 22, Torino.