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Job opportunities

The Course aims to prepare "experts in the protection of heritage", that is, military and civilian experts in the most modern (even digital) techniques and international methodologies, according to UNESCO standards, for the protection of cultural heritage (including archives and libraries), who will be able to:

1)    Since the time of peace, to prepare and implement security plans, application forms for enhanced protection and safeguard measures

2)    In crisis situations (wars or disasters), to guarantee the possibility to work safely and effectively to the conservation and restoration specialists. 

The Master then addresses to members of the Armed Forces - Italian and foreign - who are in the front line in the protection of cultural assets when they are threatened by armed conflicts of various kinds. It is essential for the members of the Armed Forces to be able to relate to the civilian population and to the governments affected by conflict situations not only to protect "militarily" the cultural sites at risk, but also to develop and implement preventive actions, particularly when they are deployed in the context of crisis response operations.

For the same reasons, it is crucial that the same training is directed at those responsible for cultural sites, which must be sensitized to the need to cooperate with various societal souls.

The Master also addresses non-governmental organizations (NGOs) - and civilians in general - working in the field, with the aim of spreading a multidisciplinary approach also to civil society, which is increasingly cooperating with Governmental organizations in managing complex situations.

Finally, the program addresses young students and academics who intend to specialize in the subject and develop more skills.