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DEADLINE TO APPLY: 15th of October 2017 until 15.00 CET

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The post-graduate master course is organized by the SUISS (Struttura universitaria interdipartimentale in scienze strategiche) in collaboration with Comando per la formazione e Scuola di applicazione dell'Esercito Italiano, Torino; International Institute of Humanitarian Law, Sanremo; UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Development and Territory Management; Centro Conservazione Restauro La Venaria Reale.


International Institute of Humanitarian Law UNESCO CHAIR

Why this post-graduate master course

The Master in Cultural Property Protection in Crisis Response is designed for civilian and military personnel wishing to specialize in cultural property. The master aims to prepare a future generation of professionals with an expertise in the protection of material and immaterial cultural property in time of crisis (e.g. wars, calamities).
Its goal is to provide every participants with a multidisciplinary background that will enable them to know and to apply the existing international legal framework protecting cultural property, to better understand and to apply the most recent and innovative techniques for its protection in time of crisis.
Depending on each participant’s background and interests, the program is ideal for members of Armed Forces deployed in field operations, civilians working in non-governmental organizations that operate in critical scenarios, managers of cultural sites and graduates that wish to develop a career in this field.
Through a combination of lectures, seminars and practical exercises selected students will acquire: